Be That Bitch.

Good morning loves:

Well, for some of you it’s not morning time, but since I am on West Coast time, it is still AM. Not to mention it’s cold out here. I know it’s colder in places like New York (which is where I would still love to visit) and in the East Coast, but still cold. Plus it is too early for my liking and even though today will be a great day, I still want to be able to just lay in my bed and just go to sleep. I don’t care how old you are, you should always take a nap or two.

So, to today’s topic…

We all know that life can not go so perfectly. We’ve all had our moments in life where we aren’t exactly doing what is best for us. That is fine. But, no woman should ever be a submissive bitch. This doesn’t mean you have to be sexy and do stuff for your man but a woman who constantly takes their man shit and doesn’t do anything about it is someone that irritates the fuck out of my soul. If you allow a man to disrespect you, then you might as well change your name to a pet name because no one should ever treat you just any kind of way. Not doing stuff for someone is one thing, but if a man isn’t doing anything for you and treating you like the queen you are AND direspecting you in front of EVERYONE, you need to leave that person. Love is not that got damn deep to the extent of where you have to allow a man to basically treat you like you were his pitbull.

Overall, just never let anyone try to tell you that you should be with that person if that person isn’t bringing you some type of happiness and love and treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

With that being said, going to try to NOT freeze my ass off. P.S. Can April or May just get here so I can actually enjoy the warm weather please?!

Have a good day today!





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