WHM Profile: NormaNow

Since this month is Women’s History Month, I am going to share many women who should be recognized. Not only are these women doing something amazing with their lives, but they are hardworking women who have gone above and beyond their expectation of their position within their career and they are making some type of success for themselves.

NormaNow is three things: independent, hardworking, and determined. As an event producer, there are many things that has to occur within her busy schedule. In addition to dealing with everyone from top celebrities such as Vashtie, Travi$ Scott, Virgil Abloh, and many more to popular people you may know from social media, she is the one woman to go to if you want a successful event. From PeachFuzz to Rec Room, you won’t just see her in a corner sipping on a drink. In fact, you will actually be seeing her in the crowd making sure everyone, including her guests, are having a good time.

But, how does she manage so many events within seven days? Not only does she manage her time, but she pushes herself to be the best that she can be. With the help and support of many around her, she is one woman that is going to be at the top of her game no matter what she does.

For more information about Norma, follow her on Twitter and visit her website http://www.normanow.com

(Image via Instagram/norma_now)


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