Review: Between The Sheets Tour

Last night I attended the “Between The Sheets” tour with Chris Brown and Trey, along with Tyga at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. Honestly, it was a show that exceeded my expectations. I already knew it was going to be a very good show, but it was truly an eye-opening show and everything was great from beginning to end. The concept behind the show was really good, which was that they would have a contest of who would start the show off with two screens of both of them on there and while the coin has an image of their faces and whoever would win the coin toss would go first. This is smart because it is not showing who is the headliner of the tour, it is a friendly battle.

For individuals performances, all of them were great.

Tyga’s performance was great because he performed many songs, including “Dope,” “Molly, “Rack City,” “Hookah,” and many other singles. It was a lot of energy and he had the crowd going with his performances from beginning to end. He even went into the crowd and gave nothing but great energy. It was a show you would want to go because it was really energy and everyone was rocking out to many of his past and current hits. So, overall he did great.

After his performances was over, they had a time clock of when they were going to be on stage and performing, which really got everyone at the sold-out show, including young women in attendance, just going crazy.

The coin toss began and Trey was the first performer. He took the stage and performed many hits, including singles from his album Trigga “Foreign,” “Cake,” “All We Do,” as well as past singles “Can’t Be Friends” and “Can’t Help But Wait” and he even performed his current smash hit “Slow Motion.” I was honestly surprised not only because this was my first time seeing Songz perform, but his vocals were on point and he was hitting every note. The energy throughout his performance was astounding and he engaged everyone in the performance, which I thought was great.

Once that was over, it was Chris’s turn to perform. Now, I’ve been to a few Chris performances and if you’ve never been to a concert, you must see Chris. He never disappoints when it comes to performing. In addition to his vocals being extremely incredible, but his dancing is remarkable because not just of him having a passion for dance, but giving 110 percent into his performances. Not only did he perform singles “Came To Do” “Love More” “Deuces” and more, as well as being his usual goofy self, he really engaged the crowd into his performance.

He then ended his performance, but Breezy and Trigga wasn’t done yet. With the two now on stage on different sides, the two friends performed singles “Take You Down” “Neighbors Know My Name” “No Bullshit” as well as performing their single, “Songs On 12 Play.” Then, part two began where they individually performed singles such as “Turn Up The Music” “Ayo,” which Tyga took the stage with Chris” “Nana” “Bottoms Up” “Forever” and many more.

Overall, it is a must see concert. Best concert of 2015 so far.

Check out the gallery below! (at least photos I took from last night’s concert)

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