WHM Profile: Monica Lin

Smart. Talented. Humble. Determined. Passionate.

These are the many words to describe Monica Lin, who is someone that many people many know through social media or even working with well-known clothing line Popular Demand. Graduating from college in communications, her one goal was to work hard for what she really wants.

Not only starting off as an intern and then being offered a position within the company as the Marketing Director, Lin has many positions and duties to fill, including promoting the brand for marketing, attending events, networking with many other people to make sure Popular Demand becomes even more successful. In addition, she also makes sure the brand overall is nothing but a major success, as well as enjoying life and doing what she loves to do.

Although her job is far from easy, she balances it by working hard and enjoying her career. In addition, her determination and passion for making a popular brand grow into an even more successful fashion line of hats, t-shirts, sweats, and many more is what makes many individuals, both in the music industry and behind the scenes, respect her.

She is a woman that is respected because of her hard-work and drive for success. She also never allows anyone to bring her down and keeps her held high because her goal is success, not the opinion of others. No matter what, her success is going to continue to grow.

For more information on her, follow her on Instagram + Twitter.

(Image via Instagram/thundercup)


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