Hunger Pains.

When I say how hungry I am, it is not even an understatement. I am BEYOND HUNGRY!

The words I am writing to you all right now is just speaking from personal opinion and experience because since there is no topic to discuss for today, I figured I would at least write about how hungry I am. Or at least express it until I get home. Don’t know yet.

But, the amount of how hungry I am is just too real. Right now I could use a number one from McDonald’s and a nice hot plate of lasagna from home. And I don’t mean just any put-in-the-microwave for two fuckin minutes kind of lasagna. Like I want REAL lasagna, as in the tasty, cheese on top, you have to go for more kind of lasagna. Hell, even just any type of food (OK, not just anything) would be beneficial for me.

Don’t get me wrong I had food today in my system. But, when you really haven’t had food all day, what can you really do? Not eat and possibly starve yourself? HELL NO! For me, it’s kind of different. Not quite, but still different. Why I say this is because of the following choices:

a) I didn’t take a lunch.

b) All I had was a quesadilla from Taco Bell, which can settle the stomach very nicely.

c) all of the got damn above.

If you said C, you is mothafuckin right! (Sorry, I had to I haven’t had sleep all day) So, why I make this post is to not only express to you my current emotions, but to share how much of a dumbass I am. Usually, I am someone who takes their lunch with them and can eat something. But, today someway somehow I forget to take something with me.

I was fine for the entire day. No need of food, none of that. As soon as my last class, my stomach simply tells me that I must supply something in my stomach. I then realize the fact that it was almost time for me to get to work. I didn’t want to spend ALL of my money, so where could I go? Where could I run to supply my hunger pains? Well, since the only place that could get my money was one place I could only turn to.

Taco Bell was calling my name and I then happened to order my food and got it in 2 minutes, which is a record for the UNLV line of people that is constantly ordering between 3-5 PM. I grabbed my food and satisfied my hunger pains. At least for that amount of time.

Now, I sit here at 9:30 at night just thinking about how much I want to eat and really eat like shove food in my mouth. OK, that was too much but still I am seriously hungry and I just hope to eat soon.

Have you ever had a hunger pain or ever had an experience where something good lasted for a short time? Let me know your experiences!


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