Raven Symone Agrees With Host Calling Michelle Obama Ape

Oh Lord, here we ago again with this one.

Come on now, Raven. Every single interview you have done so far has made you sound completely ridiculous. First, it was the Oprah interview where you stated how you did not want to be known as Black. Just recently, you sat down with The View and you think it is OK that Rodner Figueroa compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

I get it. I understand that you want to express your opinion. I completely understand that. But, do you not realize how ridiculous you sound? Did you not realize what kind of statement you just made? You are sitting there with you looking like a wannabe ass version of Miss Cleo and have the AUDACITY to say that Figueroa was not in the wrong in any shape reform for calling The First Lady of the United States a monkey?

Yes, everyone isn’t exactly Beyonce when it comes to looks. But, who are YOU to judge anyone for what they look like?! Please explain to me who in the fuck are you to try to say how in the hell someone should look? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

Now, I don’t know if you know your history, Raven but being called a monkey is like someone calling someone from another race an offensive word. The word “monkey” was used during the time of segregation was legal, especially in the South, where whites (including some of your Ancestors I’m sure) were being called monkeys. For many years, whites (as well as probably many other individuals from other races) have been calling Blacks “monkeys” as a term to describe someone who is African American.

To me, I find it highly interesting that you want people to respect you and take you seriously when you can’t even find the common sense to realize how ridiculous you sound. Now, I don’t know who media trained you or is your publicist, but either you need to listen to them or they need to do a better got damn job because for someone who wants to have a large amount of respect, especially from those within the African American, you surely aren’t even acknowledging the struggles many African Americans are facing right now, including how there are many African American men being killed by law enforcement officers.

But, you out of all people are sitting here and trying to say that you don’t want to be called an African American. Then, you want to sit on national television in front of Whoopi Goldberg and have the got damn audacity to try to say that calling Michelle Obama an ape is highly okay. You are about as ridiculous, annoying, and dumb as Stacey Dash right now.

I am really going to need for you to get your brain and common sense together because my goodness you cannot be THAT DUMB. You really can’t be at all.

Overall: Raven Symone, this is my message to you.

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