Five Items To Wear At Coachella

One of the biggest music festivals just right around the corner. Haven’t found the perfect thing to look for? Still trying to find that right outfit to wear? Extremely undecided? Well, no worries!

These are five things to look forward to wearing when it comes to the summer festival. From headpieces to shorts to even a few fringe pieces will be something you’ll want to wear for this year’s Coachella. A few of these things will make you not only make you comfortable, but you’ll have fun and be stylish all at the same time.

Check out these five things you’ll want to pick up at Coachella:


This cute floral head crown from Anthropologie is something you’ll want to pick up for the big music festival. Not only is it perfect for the upcoming hot weather, but it is spring|summer time and it is something you’ll want to never take off.

[via Anthropologie]


These Classic Dark Wash Stretch Denim Boho Hippie Festival Cutoff Moto Biker High Waist Daisy Duke from Etsy is a pair of shorts that are oh so perfect for Coachella! These shorts not only have a lot of comfort, but they also are inspired by the 80’s.


Fringe is definitely in this season, especially for Coachella season. So why not pick up a pair of these Isaac Mizrahi gold fringe sandals from Nordstrom? These shoes will not only keep you comfortable while sitting and standing for hours watching some of your favorite artists, but they are stylish and cute.

[via Nordstrom]


These vinatage pink and gold style sunglasses from Etsy are perfect to pick up! While trying to keep your eyes away from the beaming sun, these are not only perfect to wear to keep your eyes from having the sun on them all day, but they are inspired by the 1970’s. Who doesn’t love fashion from this time period!?

[via Etsy]



This tie dye shirt from Tilly’s is perfect to wear for Coachella! Not only does it show a little bit of stomach for the women who wants to show a little bit of skin during the hot weather, but it is also something to rock while rocking out to some of the hottest artists in the music industry right now.

[via Tilly’s]



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