Why I Believe…

If there’s one question I’ve been asked, it is why do I believe in people? Why am I putting my belief in people, regardless of whether I know them in my personal life or even through social media? Why am I being so nice to people? Why why why?

Well, here is an answer: it is because I believe.

I believe that there are so many people in this world who are so hardworking but are constantly judged because of what they look like or even by the Instagram pictures they post. However, photos doesn’t define who they are as a person. It is their character and how they behave that will¬†summarize them as a person. Just because they don’t look the same doesn’t mean they are horrible. It only means they are unique and amazing.

I also believe that there are so many incredible people who are talented but are unrecognized due to the people we make famous. Yes, there are many individuals who can put something together and make it a masterpiece. However, we don’t give that much credit to the individuals who lose sleep, time, and energy to perfect their craft because we put all of our energy and time into people that only wants to be famous and do things to get attention.

Who I also believe in is women + men who are extremely humble and beautiful on both the inside + outside. There are so many young kings in this world that I have so much faith in because of how talented and humble they are.

Take for example a young man I know by the name of Terry Carter. He is not only in college, but he is a young man who wants to be a screenwriter and writes for Vibe Magazine, as well as having his own blog. In addition to him being a gay man, he is humble and hardworking.

However, there are also so many beautiful women in this world who I truly have a lot of respect for because of so many things. The queens in this world don’t need a crown or even have to have a princess in front of their name. The only thing they have to do is just continue to be who they are.

To anyone who dreams of ever living the life they want to live, just stay positive. Believe in yourself. I know it is easier said than done, but just know how incredible you are. No one is going to make you who you are but you. Yes, get assistance from people who are going to believe you. But, it is your success + determination that is going to get you to the top.

It is not an easy road to success. I know this. But, keep aiming for success and know how fucking incredible you are. You are extraordinary. Remember this.


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