Positivity Equals Peace.

When I mean being positive, I don’t mean you have to act fake or act like you ate too much sugar and caffeine. I truly do mean having some type of positivity in your life and being that person who isn’t so evil.

It is not so bad being nice either. Being nice actually does bring some type of positivity into another person’s life. Yeah, someone can appear to be extremely rude. But, maybe making their day better by doing something special for them can really make their day, night, whatever. Not to mention as in the old saying goes “What goes around comes back around.”  So, why not spread a little bit of love?

Like I said you don’t have to be SUPER nice. But, having negativity into your life doesn’t bring you peace, either. It really doesn’t do anything but make you bitter and separates yourself from others and causes you to be isolated from the rest of the world. That isn’t a good thing to do because you’re forcing yourself to disconnect from some really genuine and humble individuals.

Point is to say this: being nice doesn’t bring you anything but more peace, love, and maybe (just MAYBE) a few extra good things to come along with it.


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