V. Stiviano Must Return $2.6 Million to Donald Sterling

It’s a win-lose situation for a couple and the mistress.

Shelly Sterling won a court battle yesterday in which her husband, Donald, mistress, V. Stiviano, must return a large amount of money. The mistress of the former Los Angeles Clippers owner is now required to return $2.6 million, including a $1.8 million duplex and thousands of dollars in gifts which were once given to Stiviano by Sterling himself.

According to USA Today, Sterling and Stiviano did not have a great relationship with each other.

“Shelly Sterling and Stiviano didn’t hide their disdain for each other.

Shelly Sterling said Stiviano had been nasty to her and taken advantage of her husband and didn’t deserve millions in gifts. Stiviano called Sterling the “Wicked Witch of the West” and said she hated her.”

The following things must be returned to Sterling from Stiviano:

While Sterling’s attorney Pierce O’Donnell is happy about Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin Jr.’s decision, Stiviano’s attorney Mac Nehoray is far from pleased about the ruling.

“Judges are supposed to interpret the law not make them,” he said in an email.

Stiviano is also expected to make an appeal against the ruling.

Donald Sterling is also known for making racist comments during a tape about fans, including how blacks should not be allowed at Clippers games, as well as having to give his team to Microsoft CEO and new owner Steve Ballmer.

[via USA Today]


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