What It Means To Be A Queen.

Goddess. Empress. Boss. Leader. Whatever you want to call yourself. This post is meant to explain what it means to be a QUEEN and what the true meaning of a queen really is.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary of a queen is the following:

a woman eminent in rank, power, or attractions

A queen is also a woman who represents herself in a way that is filled with class, grace, and intelligence. This can also be a woman who symbolizes herself as someone who doesn’t let anyone bring her down and despite her mistakes, she smiles and continue to carry on with her life, as well as an individual who isn’t afraid to be herself despite the opinion of others.

However, what does it mean to be a queen?

There are many definitions and requirements to being a queen. In reality, there isn’t really any requirements. Being a queen doesn’t mean you have to marry a king or a prince in order for you to a have a castle and anything you see in the media. When you’re a queen, you really don’t need anything but one thing self-confidence. When you’re a queen, you don’t have to be rich or have a lot of money to be a queen.

Of course having class + intelligence helps, but when it really boils down to it, being a queen is all about being yourself. Having confidence within you and knowing that you are someone who is beautiful, humble, caring, and determined for success for both yourself and the people around you is someone who is a true queen.

Whether you come from having a castle or coming from nothing doesn’t quite matter. What really matters is where you’re trying to go and who you’re trying to become.

Possessing the quality of a queen means that you have to allow yourself to be someone who is influential. Take for example the following women:


Jasmine Joseph

Michelle Obama

Julz Goddard

Jordy Craig

Paulina Salinas

Norma Moreno

Marianna Hewitt

… and so many other women who are queens!

These women who are queens represent something special because they are not only beautiful on the inside + outside, but they are someone who carries themselves in a way that many women find them extremely influential. Many people know Beyoncé as being a queen. However, women such as Julz Goddard, Norma, Jordy, and Jasmine Joseph are queens because of how they are not only determined for a large amount of success, but they don’t have to be someone they aren’t to gain a large amount of respect.

Overall, when you’re a queen, it means you are someone special. You’re a woman that is important because of how incredible you are. You’re a representative a society that is influenced by how amazing you are and what qualities you possess to become the person you were born to be.

To all of my queens: remember who you are and remember no matter what, you were, are, and forever will be a queen.

Now, let me ask this question:

Would you rather be a queen or a bad bitch?



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