Peace + Positivity.

It’s really not hard for this to happen.

As we all may know, being positive means being happy. It also means that you can have any type of peace you want (or even deserve) in your life.

Wanting more for yourself when it comes to having peace + positivity doesn’t make you a bad person. It really doesn’t mean that you are some type of peace – seeking, veggie – only eating kind of guy or gal. What it means that you are just only wanting things + people around you who are going to make you happy and bring in some type of happiness into your life. You deserve that happiness.

This also comes with a challenge because here is the real obstacle: the people around you. Yes, there can be certain people in your corner who may pretend they know what is best for you when in reality, they only want is within the best interest of themselves. If you know these types of people, get them the fuck out of your life. No, seriously, remove them from your life. You don’t deserve those people. They are selfish as shit and they are only looking for a way to come up rather than working hard for their OWN success and happiness seeing the both of you make it to the top.

Just because you deserve some type of peace doesn’t always mean you are going to get it. However, that also means that you shouldn’t let anyone ruin your happiness. Of course, there are going to be a few bad apples in your life. But, don’t allow those few little rotten “apples” ruin your chance at what could be an advantage for you in the future.

There are going to be people (if they don’t exist in life already) that is praying for your downfall and want to see you fail. But, there are also those who also want to see you win and see you make it.

When it comes to YOUR happiness, however, letting negativity get to the best of you isn’t going to make you better. We all make mistakes. We’ve all had those moments of where we weren’t exactly at our best. There’s even been times where we’ve questioned ourselves for the decisions we’ve made. That is what is called BEING NORMAL is all about. You are going to make mistakes. You think Michael Jordan got to where he is because he didn’t make mistakes? No. You don’t think Nicki Minaj does not have to give 110% when it comes to slaying the stage? Of course she does.

The point is this, my loves. It is not your past that is going to define your positivity and peace. It is who you are, where you’re going, and who you are, not to mention the people in your circle + events occurring in your life, that is going to make you a better + stronger person. 

– JAS-


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