Review: Kehlani – “You Should Be Here”

You know her for her positive and upbeat energy. You also know her for her unique and soothing voice.

If there is one thing many people also know about Kehlani, it is that she released a brand new album. “You Should Be Here” is an album that is not only filled with music many people can relate to, but it’s filled with a lot of emotion and passion. Throughout the album, Kehlani gives nothing but  VOCALS and power to the 14-track album that features artists BJ The Chicago Kid, Chance The Rapper, and Coucheron.

The entire mixtape begins with the song “You Should Be Here,” which is a song that will remind you of what love feels like. The song ends and begins with a new song, “How That Taste,” which Jahaan Sweet provides a smooth, hard-hitting beat about making it and following your dreams, as well as “Jealous,” also featuring Lexii Alijai, meaning that it’s not a BAD thing to make your exes jealous.

“Niggas” is also a song that is about falling in love with the wrong person and how she thought the one for her was the WRONG ONE, while “Wanted” and “The Way” are songs that are about being in a relationship with the one who has your heart and makes you truly happy. “Unconditional” is a song that is for those who are in love and falling for someone who loves you.

The album continues with a song called “The Letter,” which comes from a personal experience of how she dealt with life as a young child. As the lyrics “I can hear your laugh,/It’s ringing through the hallways/I can see your smile/It’s what gets me through my hard days” plays, you can also notice the emotions Kehlani displays, not to mention it’s a song many people can relate to. 

Not to mention she posted this tweet about the record:

“Runnin” is a record that is about her showing love for her boo. She also reassures her boo that everything is all good and that he has nothing to worry about, as well as his ex(es) can just keep it moving, along with it having a hard – hitting, but slow beat. Not to mention “Be Alright” is a song that is about reminding the love of her life that things are going to be just fine.

Also produced by  Sweet, BJ The Chicago + Kehlani collaborates on “Down For You,” which is a record that is just nothing but vocals and pure, incredible talent on one song while the two artists are singing about how they are gonna hold each other down no matter what goes on in their lives.

While “Yet” is a single that is about letting people know that she isn’t for people in her life that is trying to use her, “Bright” is a light and beautiful ballad, as well as the singer showcases her vocal range and reminding people no matter what you go through in life to always keep your head held high and to be able to always be happy.

Kehlani ends the mixtape with her single, “Alive,” which is a song that is about moving on with life and ending a relationship that is starting to tear apart.

The entire mixtape is one you will love. It is an album that showcases her astounding vocals as well as her passion for music and how much sentiment she reveals throughout the songs on her album. If you are looking for an album to listen to that will make you laugh, cry, or even just need something to listen to, this is one you’ll want to listen to.

For YSBH, check it out on iTunes now or stream it via Soundcloud or even check it out below:


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