WWWW= Why Weaves Work Wonders.

Hi loves:

So this topic today is dedicated to those who likes to add a special partner in their lives. A particular thing that makes the hair gawds so happy, and why it is a certain girl’s necessity. Yes, ladies today is all about WEAVES.

Now, I am not just talking about any weave. I am giving reasons as to why weaves are great to use for your hair. No matter if you have hair going past your back or hair that isn’t even covering your neck, wearing “extra hair” is perfect for anything. If you’ve ever worn hair that isn’t yours, be proud of it. It’s never a bad thing to have hair that you (or even someone else) bought from the store or even that your hairstylist used on you.

Reason #1: Weaves help hair.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of girl who wishes her hair was longer than what it is now. So, why not add some hair to it? In fact, did you know that if you wear a particular sew – in when you’re wearing your weave, it can help grow your hair? Yes, ladies! It is possible to wear your weave loud and proud without damaging your hair.  Yes, wearing glue or even clip-ins can damage your natural hair. However, getting your hair sewn in is a great way to make your hair longer and stronger (and possibly faster)

Reason #2: It helps your hair look fuller.

I know for many women like myself, we have thin hair. When it comes to wearing hair that is longer than what you usually have. But, when you wear hair that is yours (technically) then you can make it look like you have a head full of hair, literally. This means you can run your fingers through your real + fake hair.

Reason #3: You can wear any type.

Just like shoes, you can have any type of hair you want. From long or short to wavy or straight or curly to pink or black, you can mix it up and do whatever you want to it. If you want to wear a weave that has a ponytail, you can do that. If you wanted to make it look like you have short hair, go for it. You wanted to wear your hair in a sexy ponytail but didn’t have that much hair? Weave helps!

In conclusion, there are many ways women can wear their hair. However, putting some extra length and fullness to your hair isn’t such a bad thing to do. As a matter of fact, a lot of women who wears weave grow their hair and can do whatever they want with it when they done. With that being said, if you got it (or bought it), flaunt it.



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