Juicy J Concert

So… last night was just beyond team too much.

I was invited by my friend/sister (sorority sister) to go out to see Juicy J at House of Blues. If you’ve ever listened to Juicy J, you know he likes 3 things: to turn up, smoke a lot of weed, and drink. But, I couldn’t turn down a good turn up. We got there on time and waited around until 9 ish, which is when he got on stage. He performed his verse on “I Don’t Mind” and “She Knows,” as well as “For Everybody” featuring Wiz Khalifa. While on stage, he performed a lot of Three 6 Mafia songs, including “Stay Fly” and “Tear da Club Up” which gave me LIFE. Not to mention he took requests from fans so he can be able to perform anything the fans wanted to hear.

However, here is where I had an issue. Not only did I get pushed three times by this one…female, but I got kicked in the back of my foot by here. Childish? EXTREMELY. Like I felt like as if I was about to fall and slip and bust my ass in front of everyone.  Then there was another woman who was complaining THE ENTIRE NIGHT. Okay, I understand that House of Blues is small and it’s a standing area. However, like the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” So, if you pay (however much tickets were) and you know that it’s going to be a standing event, of course you’re going to feel as if you’re being smothered the entire night.

BUT, I must say this: Juicy J puts on a really good show. Not only does he get the crowd hyped, even while on one foot, he still manages to make sure everyone is having a good time. Then, he also talked about songs he did and the process of it all, which was amazing as well. This is where I commend him at as well: he went out and to the crowd and took requests FROM FANS. This is absolutely amazing because he’s engaging the crowd by performing songs just for them and whatever they wanted to hear and despite his busy schedule, he made sure to get the crowd on their feet and giving them a show.

Overall? Great show.



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