Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 3 Premiere Review

So Sunday was the season 3 premiere of E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and the show started with nothing but champagne, glamour, and DRAMA.

The episode started off with a normal day of talk and fun with the cast of RKOBH with everyone (i.e, Roxy, Dorothy, EJ, Morgan, Saachi, and Brendan) discussing E.J.’s plans to go to New York Fashion Week and well…life, as well as partying and having a good time. Not to mention a couple of selfies and photos were thrown in to the mix. Can we say #goodtime?

While chilling at their home, Morgan gets a call from her publicist stating how she would be working as a correspondent for Untitled Magazine during New York Fashion Week. However, while this is a HUGE opportunity for Morgan, she thinks that Brendan doesn’t care about her. However, during the episode, Brendan goes ring shopping to find the perfect engagement ring for the love of his life. Awww!

Not to mention the drama began on EPISODE ONE when EJ decided it wasn’t best for Jonny to be on the trip to the luxurious Bahamas, where E.J. was hosting at a popular club in The Bahamas. However, Roxy didn’t like how Dorothy was acting when E.J. felt that Jonny is on team too much, especially when Jonny and E.J. last hung out together. HOWEVER, this is what Roxy had to say about the situation that happened:

 I do regret us doing it at her birthday party, but I think it’s better that we weren’t fake and didn’t let it linger and fester into a bigger issue than it needed to be!  When you don’t confront something when it happens, the next time something happens your reaction is 10 times the reaction it should be… THAT is what I think we were trying to avoid! We all love each other…all friends and friendships have their little tiffs, but true friends like us always have the intent to get through it and be stronger!

However, before her blog post got deleted, Dorothy went in depth about how Jonny was the one who asked her about what is going on. In addition, she discussed the entire truth about what REALLY happened at her golden birthday celebration, which ended up turning out to be a BIG disaster and one of the worst birthday’s she has ever had in her entire life. Can we say #dramalifeinbh?!

In the episode, the world was introduced to Taylor Hasselhoff, who is the managing editor of Bellus Magazine and the daughter of actor David  Hasselhoff. During her time, she discussed life as a rich kid and how she deals with the constant comments about her father, as well as sharing with her sister, Hayley, the time of when Roxy used to be the “mean girl” in high school and tormented her throughout her years of high school.

However, Roxy went on her blog post to say this:

The claims that Tay brings against me are complete exaggerations. I know ignoring and excluding someone is mean, and I regret how I handled things at age 16. But using the “b” word is very strong and very inaccurate – and, to be honest, I feel bullied and also feel that this is her trying to get revenge. I’ve been bullied, I think we all have in certain ways, and at certain points in our lives, but the connotation that word has now in society is by NO MEANS accurate to our relationship in any way.

The Rich Kids crew made their way to The Bahamas, where E.J. laid down the ground rules for everyone, which was no fighting on the trip and for everyone to get along and support him.

To see more of RKOBH, be sure to check it out on Sundays at 10/9c on E!



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