Music Video: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”

Taylor Swift goes 0-100 real quick in the music video for her hit single, “Bad Blood.”

Fighting off all evil, Swift fights off a lot of guys while having some assistance. She then learns the true meaning of loyalty when she gets kicked off of the building by enemy  Arsyn, or singer/actress Selena Gomez.

Swift also gets repaired into a brand new person by mad scientistWelvin Da Great, better known as Kendrick Lamar and his assistant Lucky Fiori (Lena Dunham) as well as having help from her squad Headmistress (Cindy Crawford), Mother Chucker (Cara Delevingne), Justice (Mariska Hargitay),  Luna (Ellen Pompeo),  Domino (Jessica Alba),  HomeSlice (Martha Hunt),  Dilemma (Serayah),  Knockout (Karlie Kloss), The Trinity (Hailee Steinfeld),  Destructa X (Ellie Goulding),  Slay-Z (Gigi Hadid),  The Crimson Curse (Hayley Williams),  Cut-Throat (Zendaya), and Frostbyte (Lily Aldridge).  She gathers her girls together for an epic battle against Gomez and her crew, which then turns into a battle that no one will ever forget.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, check out her video below:


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