Top Five Things You Just Do Not Say

So many people have wondered what to say to someone without sounding like you are just completely an asshole or you want to impress someone without saying a particular thing that is going to come out the wrong way. Well, this list will let you all know the top five things you don’t say to anyone.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall you ever say anything like this, unless you want to get your ass kicked or you want to become known as an asshole and never get any respect. Then that is up to you.

1) “I’m not racist, but I just think that…”

Stop yourself right there. It’s one thing to make a factual comment about another race. But’s it’s another to make a statement that will make you sound racist. Being racist will get you the following:

a) Cursed out by people from that race

b) Get your ass kicked

2) “No offense, but …”

You don’t wanna be offensive? Don’t say it. It’s not that hard to be honest. Like the old saying goes “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.” Either say it or shut it. It’s that simple.

3) “Well you asked for it.”

No one just ASKS to be put into shit. It just happens. Do you get asked to be put on this earth? No. You were sent for a reason. So, don’t say someone asked for it.

4) “Why are you upset?” OR “What’s your problem?” OR “Are you really mad?”

You should NEVER do this. This will take someone over the edge doing something this dumb. Asking someone why they are mad is only going to make it worse. You want to solve the problem? Don’t ask this.

5) “I like [race] girls/guys, but you’re cute.”

If you think I’m cute, then why are you talking to me? This is one of the dumbest statements I’v ever heard. If you like someone from another race, that’s perfectly fine. But, don’t put down your own race, unless you are insecure about yourself or suffering with identity problems.


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