Riley Curry Is EVERYTHING.

As we’ve noticed already, Riley is the 2-year-old daughter of NBA player Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry. After his past few games against Houston Rockets, he has invited Miss Riley to the podium, where she has had a lot of energy. While many of us have enjoyed her being at his press conferences, there have been many where not only the shade of her skin has been a question of whether she she should be on there, but also of whether NBA players should even allow to bring their children to press conferences following a game. In fact, there was one individual who made this statement about her:

Now this is in no way an attack on this little girl but do you notice how much leeway she got for her behavior and how every single adult called her beautiful or adorable? How every jet black athlete who would never go out of their way to compliment a black child tweeted about how gorgeous this racially ambiguous little girl was? She definitely possesses a degree of cuteness that all small children do. Still why does every light skinned person automatically get labeled adorable or beautiful. Does anybody think that if that were D-Wade, Lebron or even Draymond Green’s kid up there acting a fool, the narrative would’ve been how beautiful they were?? They would’ve been like, “Somebody get this little crispy urchin off the stage.” I understand why white people find light skinned people adorable and favorable. They are the portion of the black community that most resembles them. Duh. That’s not even racism. That’s human nature. However, it has always boggled my mind as to why blacks, especially the darker ones make it their business to always dote and fawn over light skinned children and proclaim how beautiful they are at every turn. Now I know someone is going to say that I’m butt hurt because no one called me adorable when I was a baby. Wrong!! I’m Nigerian and we typically come out very light and get darker over the months so I did not have this problem. Women wanted to steal me from my mother when I was an infant. 

In addition, former NBA Player Charles Barkley also made this statement following a game:

“Reporters are there trying to do their job,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a big deal but I would prefer [players] not bring their kids, reporters are trying to do their job.”

It is highly ridiculous that many people believe Riley Curry is favored because she is a light – skinned child. Her skin color shouldn’t be a factor into her behavior, nor should it determine who she is as a person. Yes, she is 2 years old and children at that age should learn how to act in public. However, what many have failed to realize is that it is the responsibilities of both parents of how she acts in public. She is 2 years old. Just because she is light skinned doesn’t mean anything. That’s simply that. She is light skinned. So what? She is only 2 years old. A person’s behavior shouldn’t be defined by their skin tone but more of their character and how they behave in a public setting. Yes, she wasn’t sitting down like many children would do. However, don’t characterize Riley’s behavior because of her being ” too light skin.”

Another thing:

Many celebrities are bringing their children to public events for reasons. So, what makes Steph Curry any different from any celebrity parent? Yes, Riley was not sitting down. But, what many people have failed to realize is that she is a CHILD. She is only doing what other children her age would do. It’s not like she is harassing anyone or damaging their career. I’m sure both Ayesha and Steph are doing their job well as far as raising their child. It is up to Steph on whether she should be at his press conferences. It’s his child. What can we do about it besides speak our minds about it? Nothing. We can’t tell a 26-year-old NBA player on how he should raise a 2-year-old. She is only being a child. Besides, what good is it doing by taking away of how much fun she should be having at her age?

Overall, I find it highly ridiculous that many people are judging her. She is only being a child. Is she entertaining? Absolutely. Is she hilarious? Of course. Is she only being a normal 2-year-old? Duh. So, in conclusion, just leave the child be and let her be herself. Is that so hard to do?

[Credit: USA Today + Sports Blog]


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