Young Thug Gets Gucci Mane Face Tattoo

Once again, Young Thug has proven to the world of how much he loves someone. But, this is just too much.

First it was naming his album, “Carter VI,” in respect to Lil Wayne. Now, he got a tattoo in respect to yet another well-known rapper. Yes, Young Thug got a ice cream tattoo, which is the same tattoo as Gucci Mane. However, this tattoo was a way of paying respect to the popular rapper.

He even posted these photos via Instagram:

I know that rappers pay homage to their favorite artists. But, this is just too extreme.

UPDATE: 5-31-15 10:19 PM PST

So it turns out Young Thug’s tattoo may not be real. According to The Fader, Thugger visited a tattoo shop that just recently opened that does temporary tattoos:

A few on-the-ball readers from Atlanta have pointed out that photographer Cam Kirk had temporary ice cream cone tattoos at his pop-up photography exhibit/trap house that opened on May 30 in Atlanta, and that Young Thug was present. 

Let’s just hope (and pray) that this tattoo isn’t permanent.


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