It’s Been A While.

Hi dolls!

I haven’t really been myself lately. I don’t mean I’m depressed either. I just haven’t found the strength to really write about…anything. I’ve been having writer’s block all day and to be quite honest, it’s not the best thing to ever have. Whenever anyone who is a blogger writes about it, it’s just as if there is a separation between you and whatever you are trying to talk about. It’s not easy whenever you want to write about something and you have a passion for something and then all of a sudden, there’s really…nothing.

I’m not saying I’m not about passionate about things. I have a passion for things I write about. Otherwise, what the hell is the point in me writing for anything at all? However, what I am saying is that it’s not easy when you love writing, but then all of a sudden you lose that passion and have writer’s block.

For those who don’t know what Writer’s Block is, it’s like Mother Nature for women: it’s a bitch. You lose your thoughts and ideas of what you want to write and then it becomes hours and even days before you decide you want to write. By that time you find it, it’s gone.

But, I promise you loves that I will have a blog post (or two..three…shit, I don’t know :() sometime tonight.

Time for a nap!! (Maybe that will help.) xo



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