Late Night Thoughts.

It’s past 12 A.M.

I’m sitting here alone, writing to you all, the readers, about what is currently going through my mind. In fact, I can tell you what is going through my big brain right now.

Well, one thing is that I am currently thinking about is food. I know it is late. I get it. But, that is still not enough to get the thought of having a In N Out cheeseburger in my mouth with fries and a large lemonade. (I should really be their spokesperson too because I go there A LOT)

Another thing that is currently on my mind is of how successful I really want to be in life. It’s not because I want fame and other shit. That I can live without and would rather not deal with. But, I do want to be successful for myself. I really want to be able to live the life I want to work hard for. It’s not easy being at the top because you have to work SUPER hard to stay there. I know that already, ladies and gents. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. Shouldn’t I want more for myself and be able to live the life I want to without any worries? Life isn’t easy at all, especially if no one really knows you like that.

It’s tough whenever you see other people being successful and you’re not having any success for yourself. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself for the results you deserve. If you really want it, you have to get it. No one is going to get it for you. I’ve learned from my mother (Yes, I actually learn a lot from her) that people aren’t going to give you things. You have to be able to push yourself past your comfort zone and really be able to have everything in life.

If someone doesn’t believe in you, forget them. You have to believe in YOU if you really want the life you worked hard for. This life doesn’t come easy. But, that doesn’t mean yours have to be. Just remember, it gets better. You just have to make it that way.

OK time for bed, at least think I think it is.

Talk to you all soon!! xo


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