Be Yourself.

It is 3:31 A.M. and I cannot sleep for anything at all!!

Besides me losing sleep and having things to do TODAY, I am up with a lot going on in my mind.

It’s nothing bad, at least not to me.

It’s just this thought of how much I hate whenever people try to tell you to be yourself and be who you are and still judge you for trying to be yourself.

It’s hard when you live in a world when people try to constantly tell you how you should live your life. “Wear your hair like this.” “Do that.” “Be a lady.” “You should have this type of style.” “You aren’t going to be successful doing that.” Well shit! What can you do when you have twenty to five million people telling you how you should live YOUR LIFE?!

There was someone that told Big Sean that he wasn’t going to be a successful rapper. Look at him: he’s selling out shows and has one of the hottest albums out right now.

Rich Kids star Morgan Stewart was told her blog site, Boobs and Loubs was a waste of time. Years later, she has everyone reading her posts.

I say this:

LIVE YOUR LIFE! So what if someone tells you that you aren’t going to be bomb at being whatever you want to be? Who cares if there is that one (or more) that put into your brain that you aren’t going to make a successful career out of something you truly have a passion for? If it doesn’t work, try again until you make it a success story. People don’t dictate how you live, you do. Your job is to live life and work your ass off until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

With that being said, yes you can be yourself. It’s better to be who you are trying to be an imitation of another person.




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