I would hate to be the one to address this problem, but someone has to do it. Since no one else is going to do it, I guess it has to be me.

I see so much hate on social media coming from way too many people. I’m not gonna lie: it’s annoying. “Your lips are too big” “You need to do squats.” “Eww she needs to leave him.” “OMG why is he with her?!”

Yes, I am constantly ready to tell someone shut the fuck up!! I am always ready to scream this because sometimes, people do not know their place. If you are not that person, why should you tell someone what they should do? If you don’t want anyone doing it to you, don’t do it. I know life isn’t filled with ponies and rainbow and candy, but you shouldn’t express your opinion to someone, especially when they really don’t care.

But, here is what I learned: you can’t give people the time of day because of one reason: you’re going to waste your time and breath talking to an ignorant person, especially one that spends all day talking crap about someone. It is nothing better than to wake up and not have to worry about what other people think because at the end of the day, the same person that is talking bad on social media and saying nonsense is the same person who is going to continue to worry until they get noticed.

Hating is a job and some of you need to get to paid for it because the way y’all hate, MY GOODNESS!!

So, with that being said, never worry about trolls. They spend their time making comments for attention. As the old saying goes: “Misery loves company.” If you not entertaining it, they are gonna continue to be miserable. And that is the beauty of tuning out the negativity. (Not to mention the Block, Mute, and Report for Spam button and yes that does come in hand.”

Point of it all? Stop entertaining dummies.




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