Why You Should Watch “Like I Never Left”

If you’re a part of the Future Hive or even just love Future’s music, you know a lot about him.

But, after watching this film, you’ll love + respect him even more as a person and as an artist.

There are many reasons why many people should watch this documentary, including one reason why they did not get married and how Ciara wanted a wedding and get married quicker than planned but Future wanted to focus on his music and take his time. In addition, it motivates many of those trying to get out of the hood and make something of themselves.

“Like I Never Left” can not only grasp your attention in an instant, but it gives you more respect to Future and how dedicated he is to his craft. He even talked about how he makes music for the people and make it into music people listen to.

Another reason why the documentary is so compelling is because it gives you an inside look into Future Hendrix’s world and how music has been a way for many people to have a good time. While on the road in Canada with Rap Radar CEO Elliott Wilson, the Future Hive leader also explains how he met DJ Esco and how the two built a strong bond through music, as well as how music has changed him as a person.

It is a documentary that is more than just about Future and his life. It is about music and how working hard for something you truly want can bring you success.

Check out the documentary below:


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