Why Nicki Minaj Had Every Right To Say How She Felt About The 2015 VMA Nominations

This week has been filled with nothing but beefs:

Meek Mill v. Drake.

Ed Sheeran v. Bruno Mars, but it’s only for jokes.

However, the one that has been on everyone’s mind + timelines all over social media has been the Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift beef.

While the “Bad Blood” singer was nominated for “Video of the Year,” which an award that recognizes the one video that stands out from the rest and outshines many other artists within their genres of music, the “Anaconda” rapper posted these tweets about theΒ nomination overall:

Swift then posted these tweets to Minaj following her response about the nominations:

Minaj then went back to Twitter to issues these statements to Swift:

Nicki had every right to express how she felt during the time the nominations of the “Video of the Year” was announced. Although she was nominated for other things, it is still unfair that an artist like Minaj has to give 130% to a station like MTV only for them to not give her a nomination. I understand that MTV wants to be diverse and play her videos. But, shouldn’t she be recognized for having an amazing video for both “Anaconda” and “Feelin Myself” just as much as Swift should? In my respectable opinion, I believe she should.

What many people have failed to realize is two things: Nicki Minaj is a young woman from New York who has been in the rap industry for quite sometime now. She has proven time and time again of why she is the best. Yes, she gets recognized by stations, such as BET and MTV. But, the only time you will ever see an artist like Minaj win sometime is at an awards show that is focused primarily on African American musicians, entertainers, and even athletes.

However, many individuals are missing the true point in Minaj’s artists: there are a lot of women in this industry who are Black that aren’t recognized for their success compared to someone that is White. For many years, Black women have been not only robbed of their recognition, but women like Nicki Minaj has to give 110 percent (plus more) to her performances. In addition, if Nicki was a White woman, then yes there is a STRONG possibility that “Anaconda” would be nominated for an award like “Video of the Year.” Since Minaj is a WOC (Woman of Color) then that means she doesn’t deserve recognition for her word as much as Swift is.

Overall, I feel that Nicki Minaj has every right to be angry about her not getting nominated for “Video of the Year” for neither “Feeling Myself” nor “Anaconda,” and she highlights only one point: praise WOC for their success just as much as female entertainers that are White.


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