Why I Love Music.

There is always that one song that brings out some type of emotion within you. Whether it is something that you can cry to or even that one song that will make you dance and smile, music is everything.

Music is an art form (as we already know) because it expresses how we feel without words. When you can’t really describe how you feel, there is a song that can make you just be able to feel some type of way. Not to mention there is always that one song or artist that will have you on repeat all day or even all night. Regardless of what that song is, music is a part of who we are and how we function on the daily basis.

From hip hop and pop to rock and reggae, music is good for the soul. But, it is not just the beat of that particular record that will have you in love. It can also be the lyrics from the songwriter or artist themselves that will make you just feel like you are on cloud nine and make you forget about any type of negativity that you are going through in your personal life.

Music is also a part of personal experiences. Whenever I used to feel as if I am nothing and not be in the greatest mood, I would always turn to music to cure me. It would work because music would take away the stress and make me forget about the bad things that were going on my life. Even when I was going through problems with people in my life, I would turn to music to relate to my problems and also help me get through those issues.

In conclusion: music is life.


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