JasNineDesigns: An Artist With Swag

If you know me, you know I absolutely am in LOVE with art! Not to mention I’m all for Girl Power and empowering women.

One artist that is absolutely amazing at what she does is Jasnine, who is absolutely talented. Her artwork is so amazing and she has done a lot of art work for many people, including the queen herself YesJulz!! She has also done artwork of Laina Rauma, Audrey Hepburn, Trina, Bia, and many more. Not to mention she also has murals of different people, even in her artwork being in Miami, as well as her artwork being showcased at Art Basel.

She is also about inspiring people and giving back to the community. Jasnine is also for making sure kids follow their dreams and work hard towards their goals. She is even for girl power and inspiring women to work together, as well as for empowering women to be the BEST at their craft.

For more on her, as well as her website, check out jasninedesigns.com.


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