@SamWhiteOut: A Leader With Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor

Girls love him. People respect him.

What makes Sam White an individual that has everyone going to his social media sites or even wanting to just have a conversation with him? Well, it’s simple: he is someone everyone, including myself, respect.

As a graduate of Villanova University and a member of Delta Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., his vision isn’t to be anything but a leader and to inspire many young men to be anything they want to be. In addition to his passion for social justice as well as highlighting the issues within the eight identities of social justice, including race, gender, sexuality, etc., his video of him shimmying has made many women want to just see him shimmy and have even more respect for him for his work within the community.

But, his use of social media isn’t just to have amazing pictures and to tweet memes. His goal is to work towards inspiring others to be leaders and to also have a voice of their own. In addition, he also believes that if you don’t love what you do and don’t work hard for it, then why do it?

White is not just your typical Kappa that knows how to shimmy. He is an example of the motto of Kappa Alpha Psi, which is “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.”

Sam White is one man that has a goal and a vision: to become a leader and to unite others towards a common goal.

For more information on him visit samwhiteout.com and follow him on Twitter + Instagram @samwhiteout.


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