Why I Respect Elliott Wilson

The GOAT of Hip Hop Journalism. Hip Hop Royalty.

Elliott Wilson has made his mark in hip hop by not only hip hop’s legends and current chart-topping artists, but his vision in the world of journalism has made him who he is within the ranking of journalism: royalty.

As a former editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine and current CEO of Rap Radar, co-owner of HRDCVR, and host of show #CRWN, Wilson has worked extremely hard to get to where he is now within the world of hip-hop journalism. In addition, he also asks questions that are hard-hitting, but also topics that pertain to that particular artist.

He isn’t your typical journalist, either. Yes, he interviews the hottest hip-hop artists, both past and present. But, that isn’t why people love him so much. He cares about the true art of it. He studies it. He engages with hip-hop artists to let them know, “Hey you’re still a human being.” Not to mention his work ethic is something that is just truly undeniable.

People love him. Artists respect him. He is a role model for those who are coming up in the world of journalism, including myself.

That is why I respect Elliott Wilson.


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  1. Great post! If you like hip-hop, check out blackmansguide.wordpress.com for a psychological breakdown of this whole drake/meek beef!


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