Today is a wonderful day, well at least for me it is.

If you are all wondering why I am happy as shit today, it is because I hit 20,000 VIEWS ON MY BLOG!! It may not seem like a lot that I got this many views, but it is for me. It is the best feeling in the world because for a while, I didn’t have that many views on my site.

For me to get this many is a major deal for me, especially in the world of blogging. People are actually reading my work and paying attention to it. Not to mention people are clicking to it and reading it, at least I hope so. -side eye emoji-

It makes my day that people are actually reading it. Of course getting engaged with your followers is amazing, too. But nothing is better than to see that you’ve accomplished one of your goals within blogging, as well as trying to accomplish more goals within the world of blogging.

So, with that being said THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who reads my work.

I truly do love you all!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!

giphy (3)



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