Say No…It’s Fine.

I decided to write this blog post because it’s been weighing heavy on my mind all day today, especially when it comes to being in a public place and someone starts talking to you.

Now, here is where it hits left field: When a guy (or girl) starts calling you pet names (I.E. baby, bae, boo, babe, pumpkin,etc.) This situation gets awkward because you JUST MET the person not that long ago, as well as you not even getting their number YET.

However, it gets to a point where it gets even more real when you try to let someone know that you don’t like being called that. Then, they have the AUDACITY to snap at you because you don’t know them well enough to be called a pet name and when they ask you on a date when you meet them and tell them no, they get upset and call you names.

People have failed to realize is that whenever you are walking down the street, it’s nothing more annoying than to get hit on by someone you met on the same day. It’s not cute. Even if you are walking down the street in sweats and a tank top, the first thing someone screams is “GOT DAMN BABY LET ME HOLLA AT YOU ONE TIME!” and get mad when you walk away.

Now, I understand if people call another everyone baby. It’s normal. Many people do that. It’s common. That’s not what I am talking about.

The point in hand is for those who a number and get rejected NOT SOLELY ON THEIR LOOKS. It is about manners and how you approach someone.  For people like me, not being cat called or being talked to like I am a damn circus pet is not going to make me want to talk to you. What is attractive about being talked to like you are an animal running away from the jungle? Plus, that is not the way to get someone’s number. It’s really not.

What many people have also failed to realize is that someone saying no is obviously telling you something. Either it was the way you came across to that particular woman or it was how you approached them. Saying “NO” means NO for a reason. It is not to be rude at all. It’s letting you know that either someone isn’t interested or is in a relationship or doesn’t have time or just don’t like to be approached in a disrespectful way.

The point is this: saying no is perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean you are being mean. It just means that person knows next time to not approach you in a rude way.

OK off to bed…hopefully.

Night world!!



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