5 Ways To Get The Day Started

Many of us, including myself, are far from morning people and don’t even get up to the point of where we lay back in bed and don’t get the chance to do what we wanted to do for the day. It’s normal.  We all go through this.

Whether is waking up at 5 am or even 8 am, there are all ways we can get the day started. From music to television, there are millions of things that can just get the day started, as well as getting you productive all day. Not to mention you will feel a lot better throughout the day and get you going until it is time to get your nightly rest.

  • Music is EVERYTHING.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and listening to your favorite songs. When it comes to listening to our favorite songs, it gets us throughout the day and gets us going no matter how we are feeling. Playing music that will get you excited about the day will also bring you nothing but positivity. It does work.

  • Coffee. Always have coffee.

No matter what type of coffee (or drink only if you hate coffee) you have enough energy to last you throughout the morning blues. Drinking coffee not only brings you energy, but it allows you to have nothing but positive vibes. Starbucks can be in your home too, ladies and gentlemen.

  • TV. It does help.

Turning on the television in the morning can really get your day going, especially if you are in need of some type of way to get your ass out of bed. Whether it is the news or even going to the MTV station and watching your favorite music videos.

  • Motivation from others.

We all need a little motivation from people to get our day started. From a family member to a friend to a certain social media star, we all need a little “boost” to remind us all of what we are doing and how we can be successful like that particular person is.

  • Why are you doing it?

It’s not easy getting up at a particular time, I get it. But, you should always remind yourself of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what goals you can achieve for yourself. Besides, as the old saying goes “Early bird gets the worm.”


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