No One Is Perfect.

As many of you may know, I watch A LOT (I put an emphasis on a lot for a reason) of reality television. It’s a guilty addiction. However, I wasn’t too excited to watch the premiere of The Westbrooks not because of who they are, but I am not one who is thrilled to watch another “let’s take a family selfie for the Gram” kind of show. But, thanks to the convincing of my best friend and me trying not to look at it from the business aspect of it, I watched it. (I’ll keep the comments about the show to myself for many of reasons.) I then turn on the reunion of this season’s Basketball Wives LA where Meghan James took it upon herself to google Angel Brinks through BackPage and throw out rumors of her being an escort. (Two questions about that: Does anyone use BackPage and did Meghan get it from there or MTO? Just wondering.)

Now, getting to the topic at hand.

The reason why I mentioned these two shows is because I think that it’s starting to get highly ridiculous that many of us as women are constantly trying to bring each other down. It’s one thing when you state facts about another. It’s another, however, when you try to tear another woman down to lift yourself up. (What purpose does that serve? None? OK.) What you do is a reflection on how many people view you. So, if you are going around trying to be a “bully” because of your insecurities, you really shouldn’t do it because it looks bad on you, not the other person. Life is way too short to worry about what the next person is doing. If you love life, why bring ruin someone else’s life?

Point: Treat someone the way you would want to be treated as if you were important to them.




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