Squad Goals.

We all hear about this so much. Whether it is through social media or we see a group of friends hanging out with each other, squad goals are real, correct? NAH.

For those who are wondering what the hell I am talking about, let me explain it better. “Squad goals” is a movement of both men and women are going through many photos through social media and finding group photos that they find the most interesting and comparing it to their friendship. Not to mention friends that are friends with “popular” people are saying how their friendship is squad goals.

Now, let’s get into the point of this entire thing…

Having a squad is great because you have friends that will be there for you through the good + bad. However, trying to compare yourself to Nicki Minaj and Beyonce does not mean that you are like them or are you going to walk around in a Warriors jersey onesie and pretend that you are at Coachella. That’s not having goals, my dear. Making friends with people that you really don’t like (and vice versa) isn’t an accomplishment. That’s just stupidity and a waste of time.

Having doesn’t mean you just recruit random people for 1 million followers and 200 likes on Facebook and Instagram. Friendship means loyalty, sister/brother-hood, and so much more. When you’re friends with someone, it means that you and the person you met has built a bond that cannot be broken no matter what.

I’m not knocking the hustle of social media at all. As a matter of fact, I think it’s great to have social media. But, when you just recruit 5 pretty girls for one picture for that one night, that’s just a group picture for an Instagram ad, not a real friendship. If you’re friends with pretty girls, that’s awesome. Not saying you can’t be friends with girls who are beautiful. But, you also can’t pretend you’re friends with someone who who really isn’t friends with you.

Bottom line is this: don’t build a lifetime commitment for one photo.




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