As many of you may know, I was recently in California with family. (for both business + personal reasons)

While I was out there, I got the chance to do a lot of things, including go to the beach, spend time with my best friend | sister, and a lot more. Of course the first day of this trip wasn’t exactly FUN, but it was definitely an interesting one. Plus, sitting in a car with four other people for four hours is definitely…interesting. (Not in a good way, either) Once we finally reached Los Angeles, we stopped to see my family, which is always nice and nothing short of a good time.

On the second day, we went to Norm’s Restaurant, which is a really good restaurant and has amazing food. My mother decided to go shopping (#likemotherlikedaughter) in downtown Los Angeles’s Santee Alley, which is filled a lot of shops and stores that sells…everything. When I mean everything, I do mean EVERYTHING. Once we were all wiped out, I met up with my best friend, where our first stop of the adventure was at Roscoe’s, Home of the greatest chicken and waffles you have ever had in Los Angeles. (It’s heaven on a plate, btw) We then decided to stop by The Grove, which is always an adventure within itself. We then saw that we weren’t far from the Last Kings store, which is a tinier space than what I expected it to be. Once we were done, we went back to LA LIVE, where traffic was terrible and the parking wasn’t any better. #overit

Day Three was definitely an adventure I will NEVER forget. I spent quality time with my family at Venice Beach and if you have never been to Venice Beach in Santa Monica, you MUST. The sand in between my toes and the cool breeze that hit against my skin while watching my younger cousins play was definitely something special, yet incredible. I also picked up a few seashells while I was on the beach, which is always worth taking home after a short vacay.

Of course while I was down there I networked with a few people, which is always cool to do.

Greatest trip ever? DUH!

Check out photos below from my trip to Los Angeles!



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