Sneakerhead With Swag: How Kayce Is Killing The Game

You always see her on social media. You always see her with people you recognize, including in sports and entertainment.

But, what you don’t know about Kayce Kirihara is that she isn’t just any female sneakerhead. She is a young woman who works hard for her success and gives EVERYTHING into what she does. As a former basektball player for the University of Hawaii at Hilo, stylist, equipment manager for the WBNA Seattle Storm, brand ambassador, the Seattle native always manages to kill the game with her fashion style. In addition, she always keeps it real on social media no matter who is watching. But, don’t let her sneaker collection fool you: she definitely knows her sports, as well as being a fan of Seattle Seahawks.

Yes, she has 109K followers on Instagram. But, as mentioned, she is someone that stays true to who she is. She always shows love and manages to never let anyone bring her down. Kirihara also stays true to who she is no matter who she is around.

You may hate her. You may like her. But, one thing you cannot do is not give credit to a young woman who is making her success.

Follow her on Snapchat @infamouskayce, Instagram @infamouskayce, and on Twitter infamousKAYCE3


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