FRUITION: A Clothing Company With Tradition and Fashion

Usually, I’m one who is always looking for something to wear and ready to shop. But, here is the problem: shopping becomes EXPENSIVE. Everything at a mall or at an online store is SUPER EXPENSIVE. I mean clothes at the mall or at a lot of these places are $100 and up.

But, I think I’ve found my favorite store: FRUITION. Not that far away from UNLV and ran by a young queen by the name of Sammy Jo, Fruition has EVERY STYLE you are looking for. Not to mention the clothes are vintage (who doesn’t love vintage wear) as well as bringing a new meaning to high fashion. The clothes are not only amazing, but it’s inexpensive. Clothes there range from $20 and more. In addition, the top designers you know can be yours for a low price. Yes, you can find that Balenciaga shirt for at least $20-100 in their store.

The store itself redefines the meaning of fashion. It’s not your typical store that just has any type of clothes. They make sure their clothes represent 3 things: history, personality, and character. You can even put one outfit together and it will look like you are walking down the street and being a model. The clothing in their store has been open since 2005 and still are they showing that fashion does tell a story. A great one at that too.

For more information on their store, visit or visit their store 4139 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89119 or call 702-796-4139.


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