I really just don’t get it at all.

Why is it almost 2016 and a lot of you women are still hating on each other? WHY?

It’s annoying whenever I see women who are on social media or in public and they just have to JUDGE another woman based on her looks rather than the content of her character. “She needs a weave.” “She’s probably a hoe trying to get with a pro athlete.” “She think she’s all that.” SO THE FUCK WHAT?! What does that have to do with Y O U? I understand that many of us ladies like to share an opinion about another woman. However, it’s another to hate on another woman just because she doesn’t have the things you have. Just because a pair of woman has a pair of Loubitins doesn’t automatically mean she’s a hoe, stripper, prostitute, etc. Just like if a woman doesn’t have the most expensive things or isn’t showing it off doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have it or isn’t working hard to get it.

It’s nothing wrong with a woman who is working on herself or has what she has and has worked hard for it. Besides, life is TOO SHORT to spend it on worrying about someone else. So why spend it on trying to pick out the flaws of another person when it’s YOU that you have to live for and it’s YOU that is making your own decisions.

Overall, for 2016 my thing is this: Stop hating on each other, ladies. It’s stupid and it is super annoying.

(P.S. This was a quick + short blog post)


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