Why It’s Important to Be Y O U

We all inspire to be like someone, whether it is Beyonce or your favorite social media figure. I get it.

But, there is a difference between having inspiration and changing who you are.

I get annoyed whenever I see people trying to change just because of what the next person thinks or trying to impress another person. That bothers me a lot because I think that it is the most important thing in the world to stay true to who you are. Why is it so bad to be Y O U? Why would you want to be someone else? It’s nothing more amazing to be the person you were to born to be and that is not the clone of your favorite person. Not to mention that you shouldn’t have to COMPLETELY CHANGE who you are just to try to impress the next person.

I’m not saying you can’t be inspired by others. In fact, it’s amazing to have some form of a role model. Having an inspiration is great because it motivates you to become just as successful as they are. However, don’t reinvent who you are who you are trying to become just to have the same type of success as another person. We all have our struggles. We all started somewhere. You want to have success? Create your own. Make your own history. Draw¬†inspiration from your favorite person, but don’t imitate.

Overall point? Stay true to who you are in order for you to make it to the top.


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