Jas Picks: Top Five Favorite Fashionistas Of This Week

So for anyone that reads my blog knows that I’m a huge supporter of many people, including those who are in fashion. I also love many people who have a passion for putting together phenomenal outfits and can make a simple outfit look like it came from the showroom of a famous designer. So, every week I will compile a list of people who are my absolute favorite dressed people.

These are my top five picks:

Jasmine  (HausOfJazzy)


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For anyone that follows her knows three things: she’s amazing, she’s always killing in fashion, and that she’s one of the nicest people ever. Did I ever mention how gorgeous she is? Her make-up is always on point. But, the fashion? OMG! She always knows how to put an outfit together and make it look INCREDIBLE. I absolutely LOVE her style.

Paulina Salinas (PULLI)

If there is a fashion queen right now, it is definitely her. This stylist/personal shopper is someone that is always killing it in the fashion world. Her style is so impeccable that many of us (including myself) are constantly looking to her for any type of fashion. In addition to her make-up always slaying, one word to describe her style is phenomenal. You want someone to style you that will make you look amazing? Go to her.

Shayla (MakeupShayla)

🎱 Outfit: @abyssbyabby #shaylataughtme

A post shared by SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) on

She was killing it in 2015 with the fashion game. But, this make-up artist is definitely already starting 2016 with nothing but slayage in the fashion game. With a style like no other, she can put an outfit together and make it look BOMB. If you want a friend for fashion, go to her.

Amra (Amrezy)

Amrezy is her name. And slaying lives is her game. Whether it is rocking a bomb outfit or even wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt, Amrezy can put an outfit together and make it look like a million dollar outfit. She is definitely someone you will want to go to for make-up tips or fashion ideas.

Lilly Ghalichi


While running a company and still finding time to slay, Ghalichi can make a simple outfit look BOMB. In addition, she also puts outfits together while still bringing a lot of swag and confidence into what she is wearing. Not to mention that her outfits is always something a lot of young women turn to for ideas.

 (P.S. This list is NOT IN ORDER.)


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