Why Women Will Be Taking Over 2016

2015 was a great year for many people, including those who worked extremely hard to gain a lot of success for themselves.

But, what many people don’t realize is that 2016 is Year of the Queen. Yes, I said it: Women will be running this world this year. From powerful business leaders to some of your favorite entertainers, women will be running the world and gaining a lot of success while doing it. In addition, many women who are the innovators of our generation will be taking the frontline and putting their best foot out there. Not to mention the women who were once known as “underdogs” will also be women who you wouldn’t expect to run the world. No, I don’t mean women like Hillary Clinton or women who are trying to be on Love and Hip Hop. I’m talking about the women who are taking their career to the next level and the women who are taking 10 steps ahead of others.

From women like Noor Tagouri, NormaNow, YesJulz, and Alexis Robinson to Johnetta Elzie, Karen Civil, Bree Newsome, and Lindsey India, women are going to stepping into what is considered to be a “male-dominated world” and showing that women don’t have to post a picture on Instagram just to be respected. In fact, women are starting to show that women are more than just a pretty face and other features. Women in today’s society are going to prove that working hard for what you want is what is going to get you to the top. Since 2014, there have been over 3.52 billion women around the world. Just imagine how many women there are in this world that is going to dominate in 2016.

What many also don’t realize is that women are starting to put a lot of passion into their dreams and bringing a new perspective to “Working Woman.” Women in 2016 will be women who are going to push through the boundaries of what society thinks and going to show that women are running the world. Not to mention there will be women who are going to be women who are more than what you just see on the street or on social media. Ladies of 2016 are going to be women that many will aspire to be and the same women who will keep their heads held high and still find time to be a BOSS, as well as putting a fresh perspective to what a “GIRL BOSS” really is.

So to the ladies out there: this is the year to take over and follow your dreams.



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