Why Opinions Don’t ALWAYS Matter…

“Her nose is too big.”

“OMG his pants are too tight.”

“She has a small ass.”

Since when were you the fuckin ruler of who does what with their lives?

It bothers me a lot whenever people makes comments about another person whenever their opinion is not needed. Yes, it is important that people speak on how they feel. But, if someone wants to feel good about themselves and have all of the confidence in the world to do whatever the fuck they want, let them. People should be able to do whatever they so please without the nagging bugs in their ear constantly telling them what NOT TO DO. Besides, haven’t we all learned the difference between criticism, fact, and opinion? If not, please go back to school and learn your difference.

We are all (at least many of us) are at an age where we should be able to live life without the opinion of others. You really think Beyonce gives two shits about what other people say about her? She’s still making money and walking around with confidence, even on her off days. (Even though I don’t think she has off days, but that’s for another time.) Chris Brown still gets judged for his past and he is still making music and has one of the hottest albums out right now. Amrezy gets judged for EVERYTHING SHE DOES and SAYS and still has 4 million followers on Instagram and is making BANK.

No matter what people, opinions don’t always matter. Everyone wasn’t born perfect. We all do things because we choose to. We’ve all made mistakes. We all can’t have beat faces nor bomb selfies nor can we have flawless skin. Is that OK? HELL YES IT IS. Besides, we all have those moments where we aren’t exactly the bomb-est girl on the block. But, who are we to judge someone just because we aren’t together? We should be able to motivate each other, not tear each other down FOR NO REASON. It’s 2016, let’s be about getting success and fortune, not about stupid ass comments and negativity.




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