R A N T: Johnny Manziel

So, I figured this post would be something that is current, but something we can talk about.

Lately, for the past couple of weeks to more than that, Johnny Manziel has been in the media, and not for doing good things. In fact, he’s been in the media for things such as him partying, him getting dropped by his marketing team and his agent, his ex girlfriend telling the police that they did drugs together and that he put his hands on her. Not to mention that his team is planning to drop him sometime in March.

Now I’m gonna make this comment and I really don’t give a shit if you agree or disagree.

A part of me does not feel bad for Johnny for 2 reasons. One: He shouldn’t be putting his hands on women, especially women he has been in a relationship with. Two: he shouldn’t be risking his future for alcohol and drugs.

HOWEVER…(This part is the part where many of you will disagree with me on)

A huge a part of me feels bad for Johnny. Why do you feel bad for a rich spoiled child, many of you would like to know? Well, I feel bad that everyone is starting to give up on him rather than helping him. Yes, he does come from wealth I know that. BUT, the issue isn’t on wealth v. success. I feel bad because a lot of people are leaving him high and dry rather than helping him. I know that feeling. I’ve had that feeling plenty of times where people gave up on me. Not to mention that everyone, including many of his fans, are giving up on Johnny. Why? What good is that going to do? All that is going to do is just make him do it even more and potentially kill himself.

Another reason why I feel bad for him is because he is constantly getting attacked by the media. Even journalists are attacking him and turning him into a news story. It’s sad because instead of people helping him, all the media is doing is just reporting on him for a story and a pay check. Now, I get it that it’s their job to report. But, it’s another when journalists are so biased that they are more focused on talking down on him instead of helping. What journalist or media personality do you know that is helping him right now.  Besides, how is that going to make him get better? How is constantly talking about him and how fucked up he’s doing going to help him? All that is going to do is make him turn to drugs even more and lose everything he has, including potentially taking his own life.

I’m not saying we as people should embrace what he is doing because I don’t agree with people putting their hands on others nor do I think it’s okay for people to turn to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems. However, what I am saying is that instead of turning your back on him, help him. Get him into rehab. Support him. Give him an intervention and show him that what he is doing is going to ruin him. Be there for him. Yes, I know that he needs to help himself before anyone else can. But, maybe a little bit of a push and force will make him stop. There are many ways you can help someone. I know you can. Besides, let’s think if you or someone you know was Johnny: would you/someone you know want to be a news story rather than someone who is just looking for someone to help him and embrace him? Or would you do the things he is doing now and putting everything into risk, including your own life?


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