Why There Are Fuck Boys In The World

There was once a wise woman in this world who said there are men who are bustas.

While there are many good men in this world, there are fuck boys who exist. For those who are unsure of what I mean, fuck boys are young men who act like a boy and isn’t an ounce of shit. Well, this is technically true. The “ain’t shit men” of this world are your typical “I’m not looking for a relationship, but I still want to date you” and “I’m going to slide into your DM’s just so I can get a quick nut” type of men.

Here is the million dollar question: Why do they exist? (inserts “hmm emoji” here)

One reason is to teach us as women who NOT to date. These type of men are the same men who want a Kat Stacks type of woman, but then complains about how there aren’t any women who are like Ayesha Curry. Another reason is because of likes and followers. They will claim they are “good men,” but in reality, they aren’t an ounce of shit and not a waste of time.

NOW, before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, there are a lot of ain’t shit women in this world too. There are also men in this world who are good men and gets treated disrespectfully by women. However, there are also good women who gets disrespected by fuck boys in this world who only wants nothing but to waste a woman’s time.

Point in all of this: don’t be a fuck boy. E V E R.


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