FORMATION 101: How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Made A Huge Impact On Women

“You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper.” – Beyoncé

I remember the day Beyoncé’s Lemonade first played on HBO. I was with my family and we all turned it on and sat down for one hour of nothing but pure slayage. From her getting gangsta in her fur coat + boots to her showing emotion with her husband, Jay Z, it was like watching her life story unfold right in front of our eyes. Like everyone else around the world, I fangirled from beginning to end of the entire movie, and ended up playing the entire album and spending my money the next day buying her album on iTunes. (P.S. I’m still in need of that deluxe album, Beyoncé.)

When it comes to Lemonade, it’s not just an album that will make you laugh, dance, and cry all in one setting. It is an album that makes you have emotion and brings you so much connection, as well as making you think. However, it is also an album that has an impact on women overall, especially Black women, who are the ultimate reason why the word QUEEN is brought to life. How it has an impact on women, you may ask? No, I don’t mean it makes every woman hate men, although there are a lot of men out there who lost their girl just because Beyoncé made women think about how their man may be messing with a Becky with the good hair kind of girl. What I mean by this is that women felt some type of emotion while listening to this album. Of course, Beyoncé had women dancing everywhere. But, it was also an album that was compiled into a masterpiece and had women everywhere feeling some form of empowerment and united together just because of one powerful woman.

Throughout the album, Beyoncé displayed so much power that made women realize many things, including how you shouldn’t settle for a man that doesn’t love you. In songs, “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” “Sorry,” and “Pray You Catch Me,” she sung about how her man wasn’t exactly treating her like the queen she deserved to be treated. Why these few songs correlate to women overall? We all fall in love with someone that makes our heart melt. However, that same person that made us smile once before can also be the same person that will treat you like a dog. In addition, these few tracks also explains how you shouldn’t spend your time with a man that is doing you so wrong that you lose yourself and become a person that you don’t want to be.

However, tracks like “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” also were singles that made women think about how important it is to forgive and move forward. Of course, there are the men that will hurt a woman so bad that she turns into this evil, spiteful human being. However, there are also the men that will hurt us, but realize that without HER, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. Beyoncé also gave us emotion when she talked about how much she was hurt, but she loved her man so much. These two tracks also have an impact because it brings out that emotion in women that makes us cry and makes us feel some type of way about that one person that will make us want to work things out with that one person that we as women know that will do anything in their power to make us happy. She also taught women (at least some women) that it’s okay to go back to someone that is willing to make things right and wants the relationship to be something that is so beautiful and cannot be unbroken.

“Freedom,” which is my personal favorite track, is an anthem that is just so powerful yet so phenomenal. Not to mention, it was a song that is for Black women by a woman that is Black. It is a song that is not only moving, but it is a song that is for Black women that are living in a world that is constantly judged by others just because of the color of skin and not for the content of their character. The part of the video was also just something that made my heart melt and water fall down from my eyes because it was Black women in the video that are queens, as well as representing one word: UNITY. These queens in the video, including the mothers of the victims of police brutality, including Travyon Martin and Mike Brown’s mothers, who are just a few mothers of Black men who are victimized by officers who want to target Black men for no reason.

Last but not least, “Formation.” This record here was my favorite because it was an “I Don’t Give A Fuck What You Think” and in-your-face kind of single. It was a song that represents something bigger than me. It is my favorite song because it unifies women by saying “Stand strong for what you believe in, and always keep fighting.” It is also a song that unifies women so much that it makes you want to get in formation. What I also loved about the video was that she was someone that let us know that she don’t care what anyone thinks, and that she stands for unity within women, especially Black women, and that she is proud to be herself and no one else. What was also amazing was that she brought issues about police brutality, Hurricane Katrina, feminism, and so much more into the video.

Lemonade is an album that not only set standards, but it brought so many issues to life that no one else could do. Of course it made women cry and dance all in one setting. However, it also made women feel important. It made women realize that you don’t have to be no one else but you. It also made women feel so amazing that they were inspired. It brought so much emotion that women dance and whoop their man ass at the same time. In the album, Beyoncé redefined the word “feminist” and brought so much swag and power that made people feel like they were Beyoncé.

It has an impact on women for many reasons. It makes women feel good enough to feel comfortable in their own skin. The album showed that women can be sexy and still take no shit from anyone. It also an album that makes women realize that there is a difference between a man and a boy. Lemonade had an impact on women, especially Black women, because it simply tells us that we are queens and we are something so special that we are magical and something that cannot be touched. Overall, it had an impact on women because it showed that women can do anything and are bad ass and beautiful.


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