No Fuck Boy Zone

Every woman has gone through some phase of being with a guy who is just completely…terrible. I’m not talking about the guy that got away. I’m discussing the guy that a woman ran away from or guys running away from commitment. However, these are the same type of men that will ask you for your number and will send you nudes and will pretty much ruin your entire life. These are the same type of men that will ask you “Where my hug at?” but are the same ones that will dance on every girl at a party and try to leave with her when the party is over.

These type of men, ladies, are fuck boys.

“Fuck boys” are defined as men who want a woman without the commitment and with more sex and wasting a woman’s time. These are the type of  men that you don’t want to introduce your parents to because you know deep down, he will never be the one for. These are the same type of men that will literally hit you up, but will get your best friend, sorority sister, cousin, and the girl you hate’s number. Fuck boys are also men who will literally waste your time and blame you for the reason why you two never talked to each other. They are also the same type of guys that will try to hit up every woman on social media and follow every girl that has a lot of followers, but complain about how every woman in the entire world is no good.

Let’s be real here, ladies: you don’t want a fuck boy. He’s not good for you. He literally waste your time and your brain cells just talking to him for 2 minutes. He will talk to you about himself and about his family and everything BUT you. Oh, and a fuck boy will always invite you out somewhere just to post photos on Snapchat and Instagram and then will leave early because he has to “work” but will post on Twitter about how he is planning to turn up with his boys.

Oh, how do I know about fuck boys so much? I’ve dealt with a lot of them in my life, including a guy who just simply wasted my time by having a conversation. Little did I know that he was talking to my best friend at the same time. This guy also hit up other women and follows a lot of women, probably way too many women. He also got mad at me because I saw this same guy and I didn’t give him up, not to mention he hit me up with the “Where’s my hug?” question.

Another reason why you don’t want a fuck boy is because all he wants just attention and sex. He will literally sends you nothing  but nudes late night and will ask you to come over at 2 a.m. just because he’s “bored.” Even if you are in the bed sleep by the time he will send you “late night” texts just to see if you are up, and it’s not to see if you want to go to Dave and Buster’s, either. In fact, if a guy hits you and it’s not to take you out on a date, most likely he wants to “Netflix and Chill.” If a guy wants to “Netflix and Chill,” run like you are running in a meet with Beyonce in a track and field competition and she’s winning.

Ladies, every man that you meet is not going to be a fuck boy. This is not to attack every man in the world. However, a fuck boy will literally just make you roll your eyes and just make you the LEAST interested in me. Don’t be with a man that does not want to be with you or want to just treat you like you are nothing. A fuck boy will literally ruin your entire life and just mess everything up in your world.  So, beware of a fuck boy and don’t be with one unless you are ready for a long phase of depression and anger from fuck boys.


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