The West Coast Never Left: How West Coast Music Has Been A Part Of Hip-Hop For A Long Time

“Woke up quick at about noon, just thought I had to be in Compton soon.” – Eazy E

I know this quote probably won’t make sense, I’m sure it won’t. But, how this quote relates to this topic is going to be something that makes you go “Oh, I got it.”

Whenever people always say how West Coast hip-hop is back, it makes me chuckle because the West Coast has never really left. Yes, there is Snoop Dogg, E-40, Warren G, Ice Cube, Too Short,  and more. However, artists like YG, The Game, and many more, the West really haven’t left the music industry nor was there a “break.” The West Coast has dominated the music industry for years, including the rise of rap group NWA during the late 1980’s and that was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame this year. There is also the current trend of West Coast rappers, including Kid Ink, AD, RJ, and more.

Now, you’re probably wondering about artists that are from the West Side, but that speak that real talk. You have Kendrick Lamar, who is running the West Coast who redefines the element of hip-hop through his powerful lyrics and hard-hitting flows. You also have Schoolboy Q, who has a unique sound, and his music is different from Lamar, but earns the respect from the rap community. You also have G Eazy, who has a smooth, suave signature swag and lyrics that isn’t the same as your favorite rapper. Then, there is also Vince Staples, who has really made a name for himself in the music industry.

Yes, there are a lot of artists that comes from different coasts. I respect that, I really do. However, there is nothing like West Coast music. The bass that hits in cars, the lyrics that will make you want to throw up the West Side, and that feeling of listening to a West Coast artist and making you feel like as if you actually on the West Coast. There is also a variety of artists you can listen to within a matter of seconds. You can listen to Tupac one minute, for instance, and then listen to YG the next. West Coast music brings that laid-back, chill type of vibes. Plus, you can hear a lot of West Coast music at parties or clubs, including “California Love,” “Blow The Whistle,” and much more.

But, how can I forget Jerkin Music, which was a movement in 2009 that took over the entire WORLD. Everyone from Cliff Savage and Jaye Cooley to The Ranger$ and New Boyz (and a lot of other artists) who really put jerkin music out to the entire world that eventually became a huge movement. During that time, artists was dancing and making music that had the entire world on their feet. Plus, you cannot tell me that everyone was not jerkin’ when it was out there.

When it comes to the West Coast, it’s not just artists freestyling about what they have. They tell stories about where they come from and how they got to where they are now. They express their music through expression and making their form of art come to life through their music. West Coast music has that certain type of feeling that makes you want to dance, chill, or even have you repeating the lyrics to. It’s different from every other coast because the music the West Coast brings the past and the present together.

So, in other words, the West Coast is here to stay and never left.


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