Late Night Thoughts…

So it is past 1 A.M. and here I am sitting here, typing to you all about my current state of mind.

Yes, I should be sleeping. Unfortunately, that is not happening right now.

But, right now I have a lot going through my mind that I thought I would share to you all since it is hard to summon something down into less than 140 characters or a 10 second video.

Have you ever a time where you really want more for yourself and you wanted to do great things, but you couldn’t because it is out of fear? If you answer, yes or YAAAASSSS to this question, currently you are experiencing how I feel.

For those who are wondering what in the entire fuck am I talking about (and for those who would like to know) I am currently in a stage of life where I want to do more with my life rather than what I am currently doing. Do I work? Absolutely and I am happy about my job. Do I feel as though I want more for my career? Hell yes! I work for a really great company and business is BOOMIN, in addition to doing what it is that I truly love. However, I don’t feel as though I am in a position where I want to be. Is it my fault that I am holding myself back from doing great things? Yes because it’s no one to blame but myself. But, what is so tough is that I am afraid of a lot of things, including rejection. Being said “No” is one of the worst things that anyone could ever hear because we are constantly living in a world where acceptance should be given to just about…everyone. But, I really do hate being rejected because if I am told no, I automatically give up because I am told that I shouldn’t do it for a variety of reasons. Plus, it’s hard whenever you are given an opportunity and you really try your hardest to take that opportunity and make into something great, but then all of a sudden, you don’t feel as though you’re not good enough or at least doing enough with where you are going in life, at least.

Overall point is this: I just need to step it the fuck up and do better in order for me to really get to where I need to be in life.

Okay, now that I am somewhat tired, more posts are coming soon so tune into zee blog!

Goodnight, everyone.





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