This Isn’t Kansas, Dorothy.

So, this topic tonight is going to be on people who loves talking shit about others. (I.E. shade throwers, the catty folks, lurkers, etc.)

These are my LEAST favorite type of people for many of reasons. For one, these are the type of people who will smile in your face and will literally kiki with you about everything. I really do not like these type of people because these are the individuals who can get you caught up VERY QUICKLY. Another reason is due to people like this are the same type of people who will check out whatever you are doing in life, and throw shade behind your back. I, your tiny blog writer, have met these type of people and I still til this day cannot stand them for many of reasons, including how they will try to do everything to ruin your name, reputation, brand, career, etc. Now, there is another reason why you should stay away from the catty people. Again, these are the same type of people who will literally be next to you being extremely nice to you, but here is the crazy thing about them: they aren’t smiling because they want to see you do well. Nope, these are the people who will run and tell like they are the informants for the police. Not to mention, they will only benefit in any type of way for themselves, but drag you down with them.

Should you surround yourself with these type of people? HELL TO THE NOOOOOOOOOO.

You, the wonderful reader, should never in your entire existence be in the same presence as them. If they aren’t in your life to bring you happiness or make you better, RUN FOR YO LIIIIIIIIIIFE.

They don’t want you to be great. They don’t want you to have success. #DJKhaledTaughtMe

Overall, my lovelies, if you have some excess baggage in your life that you don’t need, feel free to get rid of them. You deserve way more than that.

Remember what Queen Beyonce said: “Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper.” 

Love To All!



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